Interested in Coaching

If you are interested in becoming a coach, contact Tim Korkeakoski

General Info for coaches

Thank you for your interest in becoming a coach for the Newberg Youth Football Team

If you want to coach let us know asap:

  • 3/4th
  • 5/6th
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity

As a coach, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with all of the Bylaws, rules and policies that govern the TVYFL. These guidelines can be found in the following documents. You must know, understand, comply with, and teach from the:

  • NFHS Rule Book 2014
  • TVYFL Bylaws
  • TVYFL Weigh in Guidelines
  • TVYFL Differences in Grade Level Rules of Pla
  • NYFL coaching contract
  • You will have to complete the Newberg Youth Football Coaching Packet coming soon
  • It is expected that you attend the Coaches Clinics put on by NHS coaching staff
Each team is required to have a minimum of two coaches with current certification in First Aid and CPR. For coaches needing to renew certification or take a class, contact the CPRD registration office (503) 537-2909.

Newberg Youth Football teams will run the NHS offense / defense / special teams. Therefore attending the coaching clinics put on by the high school coaching staff is to your benefit.

As head coach you will need to find parents / helpers to fill the following assistant postitions:

  • 3 assistants coaches minimum (2 prior to draft if you wish)
  1. Offense
  2. Defense
  3. Special Teams

You may coach these positions, but we encourage you to have multiple coaches to assist for practices and game day. We are trying to build a strong football program. This starts with a good coaching staff. You will be teachers and role models for these young athletes and you will be held accountable for your actions. It is expected that your staff consist of the above three positions as well as trying to find parents to fill the following.

  • play plotter (this position is imparative to make sure everyone gets their 10 plays)
  • weighmaster (TVYFL guidelines require this position is filled)
  • team parent
  • team photographer / video

We have found that viewing film (scouting) of other teams helped greatly in game preparation and watching our own game film helped us prioritize /develope the next weeks practice.


Level 3/4 Only: No more than 6 defenders are allowed on the line of scrimmage, with other defensemen at least 3 yards off line at snap, unless your opponent is inside your 10 yard line (goal line defense is allowed inside 10 yard line with no limit to number of defenders on line of scrimmage).

3/4th - Varsity

  • Filming/scouting is allowed at every grade level.
  • Player registration for each association will remain open until June 15.
  • On any play designated a punt, neither the defense nor the offense can move to a new formation until after the ball is kicked.
  • A 15-yard unsportsman-like penalty will be assessed for the disregard of TVYFL Bylaws, policies or sportsmanship rules. First violation in a game will be brought to the attention of the head official, the second violation of the same rule will result in a 15-yard penalty, and the third violation will result in the ejection of the head coach.
  • Association that neglects to provide a knowledgeable, responsible field greeter at their home site may be subject to a sanction or fine to be determined by the Division co-Presidents.

Bylaw- - A head coach may select up to two assistant coaches with a child/relative to play on his/her team, prior to team formation.Bylaw-6.2.2 - Waivers will be used to accommodate players wishing to play up a level. No player is allowed to waiver down to the 3/4 or 5/6 level. No waiver is needed for an 8th grader to play on a JV team. Bylaw-6.28.4 - Optional equipment that is to be worn in the game must be worn at weigh-in, including but not limited to items such as socks, arm pads, cowboy collars, gloves, undergarments, knee braces, elbow pads, kidney pads and rib protectors.Bylaw-6.18 - Once a player has been removed from the game due to a "serious" injury, that player shall not re-enter the game without approval from the proper specialist or certified first-aid attendant. Safety First!

Bylaw-6.30 - Running up the score. Leading by more than 35 points is at minimum an automatic fine & one week suspension without exception. Be aware that Division Presidents may render stiffer penalties at their discretion.

Bylaw-6.10 - Minimum Play Rule. Every player must play a minimum of 10 plays. This includes special teams play except for kicking extra points & field goals at the 3/4 level. Any play ending in a penalty does not count towards the MPR. Be advised to fill out your MPR sheets for every game. They are for your protection as a coach.

Bylaw-6.3 - All players playing in ball carrier and receiver position must be under the league weight limits for that grade level. On an unbalanced line, the uncovered lineman needs to be underweight regardless if you throw to him. Tight ends and / or tackles who are eligible receivers must be below the weight limits for that grade level. As soon as a player over the weight limit touches the ball the play is dead with the exception of the punter, kicker or placeholder for punts, extra points & field goals.Bylaw 6.12 - No player will be allowed to wear any type of head covering under their helmets including bandanas, scarves, & skull caps.Bylaw 6.28 - Weigh in - Weigh in takes place 30 minutes prior to the game with the visitors weighing in first. Weigh in remains open for both teams until the home book is signed. A player arriving late after the weigh-in has closed is not eligible to play unless a prior waiver has been approved by the Division President the Thursday before game day. Players can only weigh in ONCE. Players over the weight limit must have their helmet marked with contrasting color tape on both front and back. Following is the minimum equipment that must be worn at weigh-in: girdle with pads (hip and tailbone), pants with pads (thigh and knee), game shoes, game shoulder pads and jersey. None of these items may be changed after weigh in. Any violation will result in a fine, suspension or expulsion. Provided, however, game shoes may be changed if the weather or field conditions reasonably so require. In such instance, the opposing coach shall be informed of such change prior to the opening kick-off. No Coaches are allowed within 50 yards of the weigh in area during the weigh in process.

Bylaw 6.12.2 - Players shoes must be the molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where the cleat post screws into the shoe. No metal or metal tipped cleats may be worn. Coaches are responsible for identifying proper shoes for individual field requirements outside of TVYFL bylaw (ie. Hare field etc...) You cannot wear any removeable or detachable cleat at Hare Field. Only turf shoes, fixed molded cleats or tennis shoes can be worn at Hare Field. Bylaw 6.13 - A player shall not make initial contact with an opponent below the waist except to tackle a runner or player pretending to be a runner.